ATTIVITA’ LABORATORIALE (Grazie alla flessibilità oraria, nel corso del triennio è garantito a tutte le classi un laboratorio in lingua Inglese e Francese)

        lingua francese

Titolo: „LES FABLES“ de Jean de la Fontaine (avec notes et notices sur la vie du Poète).

Finalità: aiutare l’alunno a riflettere sui propri atteggiamenti in rapporto all’altro in contesti multiculturali attraverso la cultura e la civiltà del paese di cui si studia la Lingua tenendo conto anche delle tematiche coerenti con i percorsi di studio.


 1FASE: lettura, comprensione, traduzione e rielaborazione personale (testuale e grafica) di alcune favole di „Jean de la  Fontaine“.

 2 FASE: realizzazione di un cartellone e di un video con i disegni tratti dalle favole lette ed analizzate dagli alunni.


Lingua Inglese

Robin Hood has come to Mercatino Conca

Last  16th April  our students met a n  English language acting company called “Smile”.

They came to our theatre  and played  a delightful  piece called “Robin vs Sheriff”, set in Nottingham and the Sherwood Forest at the time of the young Robin Hood ‘s life. The actors were from England , Australia , and they acted perfectly, involving students  in the  performance. After the show, they had an amusing workshop  where  through  games  actors made students speak, play and act in English  but most of all students  had a lot of fun.

Students have known another way of studying the foreign language  and the teacher herself liked the experience a lot.

Hope  to repeat the experience next year…..

The kitchen lab at school!

When different traditions blend in one simple dish……


Ok, here we are! Class 1 A, last Tuesday at last we went to the kitchen lab with our teachers Mrs. Morri and Mrs Menichetti to realize a dish which was a combination of traditional English and Italian cooking.

Some of us took what is needed to prepare the “piadina” which is a sort of bread very common  in this area and known all over the world. We all wore aprons , had  a board, a rolling pin, some flour and other ingredients that we kneaded on the board. Then we realized many thin  circles of dough and cooked them on a special griddle.

The second group prepared the famous “scrambled eggs with bacon”.

We used eggs, bacon, milk, salt and pepper, butter and oil: broke and beat eggs adding  milk pepper and a pinch of salt to obtain a soft mixture. We put a slice of butter in a pan and once dissolved we poured the mixture into the pan stirring until it was ready.


In another pan we put the bacon for few minutes to brown. When everything was ready we placed the eggs with some bacon on it and  a slice of piadina in the dish and served it. It was delicious !!!

What makes special  these occasions  is the fact of working together with our classmates and teachers  in different situations. We didn’t learn through the classical lesson but through cooking methods : it was really interesting  !!!!! 


Once again in the kitchen!!

Now it’s up to 1 B!!  we went to our kitchen and cooked the same  scrambled eggs with   crispy bacon…. We toasted some bread and put everything in the plates. This time everyone   nibbled our meal: the mates in the classroom, the office employees    and the headmistress too…. But not only… Look at the two people…

Do you recognize them?


Today’s Menu…..

Our experience in the school kitchen goes on…

This morning  class 1 A prepared  fab  dishes from Britain and Italy. We began with the  Chocolate Muffins…mmmh delicious. It was funny to mix the ingredients and while waiting for the baking  we watched our friends preparing Italian toasted bread with truffle and sweet biscuits with mascarpone  cheese and Nutella.

Look at the pictures..... Would you like some???